Design & Data Without Hassle

You want to give your app a look & feel with synchonized data?

You've just found the best place to do it properly! We've styled a lot of components you can use whatever the purpose of your app is. It's all ready, no need to start from scratch if you want to make it look like You need to have automatically updated data of our machines, attachments and services? Ask for an API key and no more copy-paste!

Getting Started



Even if this matter is less and less a problem, the fact that we've built this HTML/CSS Framework on top of Bootstrap 4 and tested it on several browsers, assure you that you will use reliable code. Even if we do our best to deliver "old browsers" compatibility, we no longer support IE 9 or lower.


Hiring a web agency and working with one can almost be a full-time job in some cases. The Manitou HTML/CSS Framework will help you save money. As everything is almost "prêt-à-coder", web developers will only have to integrate the existing components. Bad interfaces can also have a huge cost due to a slow adoption by the users.


Responsive is now the standard. Except in some really specific cases, your web app will need to be responsive. Our framework has been thought through this opportunity to create better design and efficient mobile experiences.

 API & Integrations

You don't want to copy-paste data from spreadsheets, databases, or even PDFs to prepare the technical data of your future app. We know that. We've done it before you and it's not very interesting... We also maintain and try to keep it as much up-to-date as we can and always improve it. The same way we use an API for and other tools, you can ask for an API key and grab all the data you want to make your own app (web or native).